thread: NTSC or PAL?
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It is pretty annoying that the blu-ray spec didn't include an option for 1080p/25, so basically anything shot for UK TV etc. can only be either 1080i/50 or slowed down to 1080p/24. The latter is what you'll see in US releases due to most player/TVs not being able to handle 50hz content.

"But why continue to shoot at 25fps, why not swap to 30fps or 24fps?", probably down to the differences in our power grid. It operates at 50hz vs 60Hz in the US. So if you film with UK lighting at 30fps, you'd be out of sync with the frequency of the lights (causes a light flickering/strobing effect).
I believe you can sync up 30fps using certain shutter angles & speeds, but I guess that would limit their options.
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