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Originally Posted by crackinhedz View Post
you guys seem to be under the impression that more kHz = better sounding audio...which is quite the contrary.

...dont get me wrong, 48/24 uncompressed is absolutely amazing...but the human ear can only discern so much...there is a reason why movie studios sample at these frequencies.

again, read...
Um ok first of all 24-bit 96KHz sounds better than 24-bit 48KHz. I do agree that the bit size is more important than the sample rate, but as post #12 said, 24/192 is more faithful to analog sound. It's obvious. Putting differences between DSD and PCM aside, do you challenge SACD's resolution specs?

Regarding 192KHz being a meaningless sales point: there are many small independent companies who use 192KHz and their consumer audience is a discerning group of audiophiles who know all about it. They produce this 192KHz stuff because they believe in it. They don't make a mint out of it so it's pretty obvious why they do it.

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