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Originally Posted by WyldeMan45 View Post
Soon as the kids are big enough to stand they put em up in the boats and let em explore their daddy's catches of the day. The boys start going out hunting with em around 8 or 9 years old typically so by 30 the boys have 20 years worth of gator hunting under the belts. In case you where wondering why such a small caliber, they use .22's so they don't over penetrate and destroy the hide underneath cause that's how they make all their money. The gators are so armored on the top that there is only about a quarter sized spot on the back of the head that you can actually kill them by hitting, you miss it and all you do is crack the gator's skull and piss em off, lol. So you can probably tell why its takes em away to get that shot off. Though myself, I'd be using a .410 kill stick after that .22 to make sure the gator is in fact dead, and it won't over penetrate the hide neither.
Wow seems young but something they are able to do at that age after growing up around them. I remember in high school in my animal class a girl brought her baby alligator in and I was still scared of that thing and can't imagine being around them at that young an age but I'm not really a reptile person so you'll never catch me doing that.

That's interesting about shooting them in the right spot and how all that works.
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