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Originally Posted by Mavrick View Post
They already set a bad precedent by not including a 4K player in their 4K console. I won't put anything past them now.

How so? At the time 4kuhd was not very big when pro came out, it is still nothing in comparison to normal blu rays released. So they chose not to include one in order to keep the cost down. In fact by not including the 4k player they released the pro at the same price as a ps4 was at the time and lowered non pro ps4, so they didn't even have to raise the price.

Having a 4k player in it was not mandatory for any reason at all. 4k players prices were pretty high when pro came out and that's just for the player alone, they still aren't cheap yet. If they included one and charged you 150 bucks more you'd be pissed about a expensive ps4.

Or did you forget yes a ps4 can play movies and such but it is still a GAMING CONSOLE.
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