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I wonder if they will go with a two-console ecosystem right from the start of next gen. PS5 and PS5 EX (or Pro, whatever), with the latter pushing 160% computational/250% graphical advantage. Pro was cited to extend the lifespan of this gen, but I also wonder if this was also done to help ease the consciousness of the PS4 playerbase into a 2-console ecosystem now.

We saw from the thrashing, the Xbox brand got years ago, that gamers are sensitive to new changes as a new gen starts. Heck when the PS4 "NEO" rumours dropped last year, there were gamers who did not like it. But Sony busted Pro out while PS4 is popular so any damage was greatly dampened.

It will be advantageous to do this, because they effectively eliminate console gaming's Achille's Heel, and that is 30fps. A lot of hardcore gamers prefer PC gaming cuz they want higher framerates and Sony can't control the Hz specs a dev decides on. But they can offer two SKUs to develop for, like what Nintendo is doing with their Switch in docked and undocked mode.
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