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Reference post 42

The Micron Game Console chart lower right has GDDR6 in game consoles considerably before 2020. The chart deliberately does not have any dates between 2015 and 2020 but if you chart it yourself it's almost a lock for Holiday 2018 which is what Tier 4 power caps for UHD media Jan 1, 2019 imply.

Then you have a recent Samsung post on GDDR6 mentioning game consoles:

8K Resolution Using Less Power
Effortlessly processing complicated data with greater speed, such as 3D graphics or 8K-resolution video, the Samsung GDDR6 still offers outstanding efficiency, using less power than GDDR5.

Ultra-Fast, Up to 768 GB/s at 384 I/O

With data rates nearly twice as fast as the previous generation, the Samsung GDDR6 offers trailblazing speed for high-resolution video and graphics-intensive 3D games and applications.
From 2012, Sony CTO plans (8K @ 300FPS) for the PS4 have to wait 5 years (2013+5=2018)
3D graphics or 8K resolution Video = 4K per eye @ 120 FPS VR or Glassless 4K 3D on 8K TV.

Originally Posted by
So, when Su was asked by Barron’s if there was another new semi-custom chip in the pipeline, she gave a rather curious answer.

She said that there is “one additional design that will ramp in the second half of 2018.” Su went on to mention that AMD would be mum on the subject until its partner is ready to discuss the project further. We have to also consider that Su mentioned this new prospect while at the same time describing an overall softness in the console market.

In our semi-custom business, unit shipments were up sequentially and down year-over-year as we enter the fifth year of the current game console sales cycle,” said Su. “As we look at the remainder of the year and given the maturity of the current game console cycle, we expect semi-custom revenue to be down for the full year.” has two Tier 4 power caps for two new 2019 consoles (page 11) but only one semi-custom mentioned from AMD. I ran across this:
Originally Posted by
After I had found out what this person did, I had a few questions to ask about the PS5 and what it will arrive as - especially when we look at Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio console. The first question I had was "will it feature a discrete GPU" to which I received a smile and a "I can't say exactly", and then I said would it feature an APU like Project Scorpio, and then there was a "no".
That would not be a semi-custom APU so if the above is true then the AMD Semi custom is likely a "Media Console" with maybe PS4 Pro performance able to sell at a very low price. A softness in the Game Console market should signal a much price reduced PS4 or a PS5. Xbox Two and PS5 expected in 2018, powered by AMD with 4K support

And that equals two consoles for 2019 and accounts for only one AMD semi-custom 2018 design win.

1) Cheap less powerful PS4 UHD Media Console (50 watts Navigation) (60 watts HD and UHD Media) If Pro performance then 8 GB GDDR6 used.
2) Expensive PS5 UHD Gaming Console with dGPU (70 watts navigation) (70 watts HD media and 110 watts UHD Media) Likely Ryzen CPU and Vega dGPU with infinity fabric connecting CPU and GPU for a slightly less efficient than APU console. GDDR6 used

Page 11 of the Gaming SRI has two tier 4 (2019) powercaps.

EU SRI power caps are generally lower each year. The SRI rules are as follows:
1) A stakeholder (Sony) informs the EU of a new console(s) and it's Tier/power use/cap.
2) During the year it applies (2019), 90% of the console sales have to meet that power cap.
3) Sony has to test and confirm this by Feb 28th of the following year (2020 in this case). Independent testing to confirm is also done.
4) This time, 2019, has two Console definitions with different power caps. Each have to comply with the power cap rules in their category. 90% of the UHD Media consoles sold in 2019 have to comply with the Power caps for the UHD Media console and 90% of the UHD Gaming Consoles sold in 2019 have to comply with the power caps for the UHD Gaming Console.

Note: The 2019 UHD Gaming console power caps are only a very small amount larger than the measured power used by the 2017 PS4 Pro while the UHD Media console is significantly smaller.

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