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Originally Posted by dmaul1114 View Post
Yeah I can't see it before 2020 myself.

Sony and MS lose money on consoles at the start, they're not going to be in a hurry to move on as long as they're still selling well and software, PS+/Xbox Live subs etc. still selling a high levels.

The second half of generations is when they make the most profits. So I see this stretching 7ish years just like last gen. Even more so since Sony and MS did mid-gen refreshes with the Pro and X and Nintendo just put out the Switch last year.
The Game Consoles documented from two different cites may not be a PS5 but for sure one new inexpensive mass market UHD Media console (HDMI 2.0a) is coming (Micron GDDR6 cite (PS4 Pro performance) and page 11). The other, since the power caps are so close to the PS4 Pro, may be a refresh with GDDR6 or a Zen console on a MCM with GDDR6 on the motherboard.

BUT if Sony is to release a 4K/eye wireless VR goggle, there must be a console that supports it and I expect a year before the new goggles release = 2019. Sony is shipping 8K TVs 2020 and the same applies for that TV supporting 4K glassless 3D and 5 View 1080P/60FPS = 300FPS which is what the 2012 Sony CTO article stated as a goal= 8K and 300FPS = HDMI 2.1.

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Also, having their own GDDR6 memory controller means they can use it in other areas such as their APUs and SoCs offered through their Semi Custom Business Unit (e.g. the SoCs used in gaming consoles). Being able to offer that controller to other companies in their semi-custom SoCs free of third party licensing fees is a good thing for AMD.
The Micron Game Console chart lower right has GDDR6 in game consoles considerably before 2020. Mentioned is VR CAG of 150% and game console VR with higher graphics density =8k (4K/eye) The GDDR6 in consoles chart starts about holiday 2018 with a large ramp in 2019. This is either documenting the 150% CAG or two ramps for two consoles with the second still releasing in 2019 but according to the SRI has to be before June 2019 when compliance testing starts.

8K Resolution Using Less Power
Effortlessly processing complicated data with greater speed, such as 3D graphics or 8K-resolution video, the Samsung GDDR6 still offers outstanding efficiency, using less power than GDDR5.

Ultra-Fast, Up to 768 GB/s at 384 I/O

With data rates nearly twice as fast as the previous generation, the Samsung GDDR6 offers trailblazing speed for high-resolution video and graphics-intensive 3D games and applications.
From 2012, Sony CTO plans (8K @ 300FPS) for the PS4 have to wait 5 years (2013+5=2018) for HDMI 2.1.
3D graphics or 8K resolution Video = 4K per eye @ 120 FPS/eye VR = 8K@240FPS or Glassless 4K 3D on 8K TV.

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