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Originally Posted by Steelmaker View Post
For whatever reason, I have a feeling it's going to be 2019. I think they'll have an event early in the year like they did with PS3 and then a full blown reveal at E3 with a November 2019 release.
Not likely, a November 2019 release of a new console can't comply; 90% of the consoles sold in 2019 have to comply and November 2019 to Jan 1 of 2020 only allows 2 months to sell 90% of the consoles with the following requirements.

Page 11 through 13 in the latest SRI note the HD and UHD media power caps for the 2019 UHD Media console = 50 watts Navigation and 60 watts for HD and UHD media. These are new 2019 Tier 4 power caps that the older consoles can not support.

Sony has to comply with the SRI Power caps they published for the entire year 2019 from Jan 1 to the end of the year. 90% of the consoles sold in 2019 have to comply and Sony has to publish compliance documents by Feb 28 of the following year.

Originally Posted by
For each Reporting Period, each Signatory shall submit to the Independent Inspector a completed Product Compliance Report for each model of Games Console that falls within the scope of this SRI by 28 February of the year following the end of the relevant reporting period. In their reporting, each Signatory shall indicate whether the console in question is a new games console, a revised model of an existing games console, or an existing games console model without change and whether at least 90 percent of the products placed on the market are compliant with the SRI requirements.

When placing a new games console on the EU market, the Signatory shall fully complete the Product Compliance Report.

• When placing a revised model of an existing games console with different levels of power consumption on the EU market, the Signatory shall refer to the previously submitted full Product Compliance Report and complete only the relevant reporting sections affected by the revision of the model.
• For existing games console models without change, the Signatory shall refer to the previously submitted full Product Compliance Report.
This means a Nov 2018 (Holiday) launch date.

It's a guess that this is Sony since a XB1 launch Nov 2018 after the XB1 X Launch the previous year Holiday 2017 does not make sense and Nintendo just launched their console last year also. There are only the three signatories; Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

There are two power caps for 2019 for two different consoles; 1) UHD Media and 2) UHD Gaming. The 2019 Power tiers for the UHD Gaming console are too close to the PS4 Pro to eliminate it as a refreshed 2019 UHD Gaming Console. My guess is it's a PS5. In any case we might have a 2020 power tier that could launch Holiday (Nov) 2019 but that has not been listed yet and I doubt any console is coming 2020 as that is too late for the 2020 8K TVs Sony is shipping and I expect new 4K/eye goggles from Sony by holiday 2019.

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