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Not everything is steel but everything else is slipped up, a pack, or digibook.

As an exercise to think about my collection I like to pair up my movies as possible double features.

Whiplash / Black Swan - The cost of perfection.
Social Network / There Will Be Blood - Ambition, greed, and obsession.
Goodfellas / Wolf of Wall Street - Scorsese and the American dream.
Gladiator / The Revenant - "I will have my vengeance"
Matrix / Inception - "You think that's air you're breathing now?"
Children of Men / Logan - Might seem like an odd pair but this was definitely Mangold's template. Reluctant lead forced into an escort journey with their race on the line.
Us / Get Out - True horror lies in the social commentary.
Heat / The Dark Knight - The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.
Drive / Baby Driver - "I don't carry a gun, I drive."
Enemy / Fight Club - "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."
BR 2049 / Fury Road - No real connection, just a pair of 30 year old sequels showing how to properly revisit a franchise.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood / Nice Guys - Hanging out in LA.
Coco / La La Land - The dream of music.
Pulp Fiction / Big Lebowski - Pillars of crime comedy.
SE7EN / Silence of the Lambs - Best in class psychological procedurals.
Into the Spiderverse / Lego Movie - I love the Pixar sentimentality but these Lord and Miller projects felt fresh.
Her / Eternal Sunshine - Relationships + Technology.
Knives Out / Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Daniel Craig has to deal with Christopher Plummer's messed up families.
The Departed / Reservoir Dogs - Rats.
Parasite / Gone Girl - Modern takes on the mid-movie Hitchcock twist.
The Shining / The Lighthouse - Descent into madness.

Some I'm waiting on...

Halloween / Jaws - "the blackest eyes... the devil's eyes" / "lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes"
Hateful Eight / The Thing - Winter paranoia.
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