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Originally Posted by Zivouhr View Post
I think I understand what you're saying now. In other words, Dead Space was more random danger that required improvised skills to survive, while RE7 was more scripted with a clear solution to solve it and not random.

In that sense, yeah, I rather have more random danger in a horror game.

In the game PT demo, any time I hear the music change and some kind of dread music building up, I stop moving if I'm stuck in the hallway somewhere. If you move, the tall ghost woman will destroy the player and game over, no way to defeat her. Knowing how to avoid her made the game less horrific. PT's puzzles are the absolute worst kind of puzzles IMO. All cryptic, abstract puzzles that have few clear cut, logical clues. A lot of it is trial and error trying to read the mind of the developer.
Yeah thats a great way to describe it! and again like you said

A player could realistically in RE7 with scripted danger run around mindlessly until you exposed the danger and then figure out how to maneuver past it...

Where like Dead Space if you just ran into a room when the music changed you actually had to deliver on clearing the room or figuring out where the attacks were coming from and deal with them yourself.. And again being armed loaded with ammo and med packs and still like crap I'm gonna have to be the one to do this to me always is a bit more intense then like the Alien: Isolation or RE7 where its just trial and error and you don't actually have to do much outside follow the script

But like I said different strokes I just hope theres way less of that in RE8 vs. 7
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