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Originally Posted by Rob Tomlin View Post
I had a 1993 RX-7 (twin turbo rotary). I had considered converting it to a single turbo, but never did. I loved that car! Now I have an RX-8, since I have two kids and the 8 has a backseat! Fun car to drive, but not nearly as fast as the 7 (which I had up to 155 mph and it had plenty more to give).
Ahhh, the FD3S. I've owned 2 actually. Really awesome cars, just so insanely unreliable no matter how you slice it. Its not if it will cause problems, its when. Ive tuned enough that i refuse to tune another one again no matter what anyone would pay me. RX-8's are MUCH more livable and of course having those backseats doesnt hurt.

p.s. - I hit 203 MPH in my old supra. 94 Supra Turbo 6-speed with a T88H-34D turbo, 1000cc injectors, aem, and all the goodies. CCW Wheels with 18x13s in the rear, 345 BFG drag radials. Did it on the 5 freeway. AEM logged at 203, 6700RPM in 6th gear.

I since drive a slow ass bmw and a slow ass lexus, no more speed here for a while!
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