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Originally Posted by blitz6speed View Post
Ahhh, the FD3S. I've owned 2 actually. Really awesome cars, just so insanely unreliable no matter how you slice it. Its not if it will cause problems, its when. Ive tuned enough that i refuse to tune another one again no matter what anyone would pay me. RX-8's are MUCH more livable and of course having those backseats doesnt hurt.

p.s. - I hit 203 MPH in my old supra. 94 Supra Turbo 6-speed with a T88H-34D turbo, 1000cc injectors, aem, and all the goodies. CCW Wheels with 18x13s in the rear, 345 BFG drag radials. Did it on the 5 freeway. AEM logged at 203, 6700RPM in 6th gear.

I since drive a slow ass bmw and a slow ass lexus, no more speed here for a while!

Two great cars, the 7 and Supra. Man, they just don't make 'em like those anymore!

203mph on the freeway is stupid fast!

Of course you are right about the reliability issues with the FD. Cooling was the major issue. Both the radiator and intercooler were too small. But of course even fixing those issues didn't mean you would suddenly have complete reliability. I can't even list all the problems I had. But never an issue with the turbos or motor.

That is a car that I will always look back at with extremely fond memories though. I do miss her!

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