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If you have 8060 towers then I would assume you have an Atmos powered amp. If it's 11 channel then I would buy matching 8060 towers for the rear so that all of your height channels match and the towers match. If you have a 9.1 amp or you are not planning on using the rear height channels then I would go for the 8000F towers. If you don't have the room or you don't want to spend the money for matching towers then I would go for the 600M surround speakers.

The reason why I would choose the 600M over the 502's is that Atmos uses direct audio to combine sounds in order to transition sound effects and place sounds around the room. Speakers that shoot in multiple directions are not recommended for Atmos enabled setups. As you said, you can always add more direct channels behind you if you want better rear coverage in the future.

BTW, I'm no pro. I'm just an average joe and this is my opinion based on what I have read.
my current receiver is only 7 channels so they will all be used at the moment, I will have to get another receiver to do rear surrounds or rear atmos speakers if I decide I want that... I did fail to mention that my side surrounds are in line with my fronts and directly at the ends of my couch, I have had a few recommendations to go with the 502S for that reason since they are more immersive and won't be firing directly in my ears... I got all my Klipsch speakers through Sound Distributors and highly recommend them to anyone, he gave me a great deal on the ones I bought and I will be going back to him to get the 502S pretty soon... I will be moving in about a month and didn't want to go through the whole setup process twice in a short period of time so I basically tested the speakers out and boxed them back up... from what I heard I liked it, the sound was a lot more clear and precise compared to my polks and the sub hits hard but was very clean... I can't wait to get everything setup and play around with it

Originally Posted by charsi View Post
Could someone help an audio novice please

i'm looking at the Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System and possibly pairing that with Denon AVR-S740H Receiver. First time buyer of any home theatre audio equip and completely lost!
what exactly are you asking?
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