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Question Troubleshooting 3D playback issues - pixelation/jitter/stall/freezing etc

Hey all,

So. We were viewing my 3D Blu-ray of “Cars” the other evening and noticed something particularly screwy during the scene when Lightning McQueen and Sally are taking their drive through the Ornament Valley. They drive through some puddles, spritzing water, McQueen hits some mud, etc.

Then, along the roadway, they drive through a pile of leaves which all blow up all around them and suddenly there is this really weird occurrence where it’ll glitch slightly (the audio is fine, just the picture) and there will be suddenly pixilation flashing on the screen around the area where the leaves are flying up into the air... not sure this is a problem with the disc or a problem with my player or TV... I dunno, it’s annoying to know that this has this problem though...

We also watched “Cars 2” and while it never had that much of a weird pixilated occurrence, I did observe the occasional moment in the animation where say a character would be driving and it would almost seem like the animation fluidity stutters for a split second and just looks odd... but it is gone so fast that if you blink, you’d miss it. It could also be described as a brief stall in the film...

Anybody know if there’s a fix to this sort of thing? I tried to update my LG 4K/3D player and it says there is no updates to be found... sooo... that rules out that. Not sure if it perhaps is a setting on my LG 4K/3D TV itself or if it is a defect on the disc? I checked the discs and they are not scratched or damaged what so ever. They are also perfectly clean, hardly ever played... if it is the disc, I’ll have to go through the long and tedious process of contacting Disney and going through their defective Blu-ray return and replacement program and I’d like to avoid that if I can...


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