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Default Samsung Soundbar HW-E450

I am picking this up on Thursday and I cant believe that I am going with something made by Samsung a company I have no love for at all but after the sales person demo'd it for me I couldnt resist. I was actually shocked by how good it sounded. It comes with HDMI hookups and a wireless subwoofer and will fit in perfectly with my setup and the size room my setup is in. Like I said it sounds really good for a soundbar and I like the virtual surround sound feel it gives you. Never thought I would go with a sound bar let alone one made by Samsung but I figured what the hell. For now it will do the trick and when the wife and I take over my parents house next year I will go all out with a full blown surround sound system because my HT will be re-located to the living room. I will let everyone who is interested know how it works out on Friday.
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