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Originally Posted by steve1971 View Post
Well folks picked up my Samsung soundbar this afternoon and here are my thoughts. First it was simple to hook up. I have got the audio cables (Red and White) hooked directly up to my Directv HD Box and the 3D Sound is excellent. Then I have the HDMI cables hooked up to my Sony BDP S570 and again everything is working excellent. The Sub is also giving off good bass. Now this isnt giving off full blown surround sound like an AV Reciever would do but for the size room my setup is in its doing what its supposed to do and thats give great sound and good Bass. Its what I have been looking for and what I needed. So far well worth it. I may not like Samsungs tv's but I sure do like their Soundbar!

I have a Sharp Soundbar and when I had it hooked up, it was awesome for an apartment, but I moved and I'm now in a building with an older age population, and can't really have my subwoofer going at night and didn't hook it back up until I can get an Auralux Subdude pad. Glad you enjoy yours. I'm hoping next by the end of January, I can have mine up and running again
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