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Originally Posted by itrgg View Post
Hi. I recently downloaded and installed this level and my player now only plays DVD's and only about 1/3 of BD disks. I called their call centre - I'll just say "NOT a satisfactory response!!!". I'm waiting for a service call now. Luckily I have a BD80 as well and can see the BD disks the 3D player no longer plays.

If you haven't downloaded this level I suggest you don't - stay at v1.81 as it worked well and I had no problems. IF a manufacturer reads this - PLEASE have a way to back out versions that don't work instead of making us go through the mess I am experiencing...
Welcome to the site . . . young padawan. Were you having a particular problem with the player that firmware release notes said the upgrade would remedy? If not, it's yet another example of an IMO good working premise: Do not automatically upgrade your firmware. Unless you're experiencing a problem, wait at least a few months and watch this and other discussion fora for any issues.

Unfortunately, if indeed the problem that has now arisen can be compellingly proven to be both broader (i.e., other guys experience the same thing) and reproducible, you/we will have to wait for a fix. If it can not, then you may be looking at having to send the player to Panasonic for them to revert the firmware.

If you can name six to ten BDs that were playing for you before but which aren't now that might be helpful. The more titles you can name that now don't play which did before, the more likelihood of finding some other similarly-situated owners.

P.S. - There is more traffic in the AVS Forum owners' thread for this player.
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