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Originally Posted by Adcatalano View Post
If you have access to the merchandise and the funds to spend, you have every right to buy as much you are able and do with it as you wish. Generally I知 buying two, keeping one and reselling the extra to cover the costs of my item, so I aim to only bother reselling if I can expect to double my money - or if I知 buying more than two, being able to make enough collectively to end up even as nothing out of pocket.

People like to bash resellers, I get the frustration when you can稚 something limited you want, but it all comes from a place of jealously. Most will do the same if they have the opportunity, no matter how much they deny it and act holier-than-thou.

I put in A LOT of work every year to make sure I secure Neca SDCC exclusives, work that a lot of people aren稚 willing to do. As a result if I知 able to grab an extra set or two of a hot item, I知 jumping at it and using it to my benefit. If that makes me the bad guy, I値l be the bad guy.
My disrespect for people like you has nothing to do with jealousy. I've had opportunities to buy more than I needed but I didn't...and I never would.
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