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Originally Posted by The Driver View Post
Pirates (Roman Polanski, TF1/Quinta Communications)
Broken Flowers (BAC Films)
Bagdad Cafe (StudioCanal)
Barber, The (AKA The Man Who Wasn't There, BAC Films)
Sailor and Lulu (original release, BAC Films)

Small annonaynce and never a deal-breaker as I'll remove the subs with AnyDVD or rip the disc. Been doing this since 1997 (DVDShrink still removes forced DVD subs today) as many DVDs have this 'feature'.

I know the Oppo and some Philips allow the -almost- removal of the subs from the frame but I'm not aware of many machines (some Panasonics I think) that free this prohibition (like removing forced subtitles).

I wonder why this kind of information isn't on movie overview pages? Is there someway to edit?
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