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Hey All,

I finally purchased my 2 extra B&W M1 sat speakers and have configured them with the Audyssey Setup as Front Height speakers.

Now I appreciate the height speakers should probably be a little more higher then what they are but I used the height speakers as my main Left and Right channel before I purchased the extra 2 x sat speakers. Now with the new configuration I am using my old Left and Right Channel which all the cables are fed in the wall as my new Height speakers...

Please can you advise me if Audyssey DSX Height is better than Dolby Pro Logic IIz?

I think the Audyssey actually matrix all the front surround content to the heights where as the Dolby Pro Logic IIz only matrix necessary content and is more subtle!

I tried both and really can not tell much difference.. Anyone with experience in the two different setups please can you help and give some of your advice..

PS: Please find attachements.. the pictures are not that great as taken on my mobile phone.. Below you can see the distance between speakers and my listening point.

Front Left Height: 5.40 metres
Front Left: 5.10 metres
Centre: 5.40 metres
Front Right: 5.10 metres
Front Right Height: 5.40 metres
Subwoofer: 5.10 metres
Surround Left: 1.50 metres
Surround Right: 1.80 metres.
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