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I'm sure I had Motegi for Forza 2 (possibly the last 360 game I bought, and will ever buy!). I actually prefer the tracks from Shift2 Unleashed (which include most of the ones you mentioned). Pity that game handles like absolute sh!t and pretty much makes it unplayable at times. After playing that it made driving around Nordschleife in GT5 fairly easy! I managed to knock 18 seconds off my best GTR time from pre to post Shift2. Down to 7 min 32 seconds so just 3 seconds away from the trophy! So close
All those tracks but Paul Ricard are in Forza 4. No rain or night, but it does have multi-class online racing, 4 class, P1/P2/GT1/GT2 in American Le Mans cars, 16 cars with AI filling out classes if needed. That right there was worth the price of admission. I don't know why one of these games can't have all the tracks and all the environment options.

You have to adjust the steering settings in Shift 2 to get the cars manageable.
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