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I've used a lot of pre-paid cards over they years though at quite a few different sites, and Bullmoose is the only site I've ever had issues with taking those cards. Never tried the kind of card hariseldon is using though.

SHopsafe is specifically attached to a Credit Card and generated Virtual Numbers that look identical and function exactly like any CC. I think specifically MBNA/BOA cards now. A problem if you can't get or don't want a Credit Card. CIti cards used to have something similar, but I think disconinued it. Discover Cards at least used to (may still) have the ability to generate Virtual Cards

You generate a number with a set limit and exp date of your selection (2-12 months) -- once the generated number is used, it's locked to that retailer and will be rejected if tried elsewhere. Basically it all feeds back through your main number, but in theory you could use hundreds of the Virtual Numbers and never type in or swipe the real card anywhere. For years my real card sat in a drawer and never saw the light of day and the Actual card number was virginal

The other type card I find pretty useful esp for credit iffy situations is an AMEX Bluebird -- it's a preloaded card, but can be reloaded repeatedly with virtually no fee. You cam put $200 or $550 on it at Walmart, spend that down, then reload the next time you're at Walmart .
You can also link a Debit Card or Account and load it that way online, but I think linking Bank or Debit accounts sort of defeats a little of the advantage of a card. It has a Home Address, Phone Number, no fees (unlike a lot of re-fillable cards), online management, but functions almost like a CC with a hard limit cap except in a way yiou get to decide the actual limit. I used these for my teens when they were old enough to drive and off at college as an emergency card and could load a few hundred at a time to teach some budget skills.

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