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Originally Posted by fatediesel View Post
The problem with In-N-Out is their owner refuses to allow franchises so it's still only available in a few states. Next time I'm in Arizona (February or March) I'm definitely going to try In-N-Out. When I was down there in April I drove by an In-N-Out but decided not to go there but I've got to see if it lives up to the hype.
For your first visit to In-N-Out, I recommend:

• Double-double with grilled onions (don't change anything else this first time)
• Fries (some like them well done, I prefer them regular)
• Favorite soft drink
• Vanilla shake (or chocolate if you must)

Once you are an experienced In-N-Out eater, you can get more creative:

Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu

But, trust me, you want to taste it the regular way BEFORE you start getting creative. I've tried a bunch of the secret menu options and I always come back to the regular Double-Double with grilled onions.

The reasons that In-N-Out is so good: ALWAYS fresh beef, NEVER frozen; burgers cooked from raw to order, none of that pre-cooked/reheated crap; hand-leafed lettuce, none of that shredded crap; their own recipe for their buns, delivered fresh daily; french fries are made from freshly cut whole potatoes IN THE RESTAURANT, you can actually watch them slice the potatoes moments before they go into the fryer.

BTW, the reason that In-N-Out won't franchise is because it's a family run business and they are committed to maintaining quality and an excellent restaurant experience. Example: In-N-Out pays their employees higher wages than any other fast food chain. Because of that, when you go into an In-N-Out the person helping you doesn't look like he might have just picked his nose and wiped it on his apron. The employees are friendly, cheerful, intelligent and they work FAST.

On top of that, In-N-Out is one of the least expensive burger joints. DRAMATICALLY less expensive than a place like Five Guys.


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