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Originally Posted by fatediesel View Post
Arby's curly fries.
Wow! good one...if curly fries count, then Arbys hands down... if they dont count. then theyre not in the running

Originally Posted by MEB View Post
In-N-Out has the best fries. I've tried 'em all (McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Jack in the Box, Steak & Shake, Five Guys, etc..etc.). In-N-Out fries are the best.

i cant believe all the love for In n Outs fries... i think they taste like

the only way to get the fries is animal style...theyre so dry and just blah imo...

Originally Posted by fatediesel View Post
The problem with In-N-Out is their owner refuses to allow franchises so it's still only available in a few states. Next time I'm in Arizona (February or March) I'm definitely going to try In-N-Out. When I was down there in April I drove by an In-N-Out but decided not to go there but I've got to see if it lives up to the hype.
theyre pretty damn good man....personally, the only way to go is a double double animal style!!!

Originally Posted by brettallica View Post
You are most definitely an In-N-Out connoisseur. I commend your dedication to that restaurant. I feel kind of bad for those who've never experienced an In-N-Out meal. I don't even eat fast food anymore (although I do eat a fair amount of junk food, in waves, as I am a huge fan of chips), but the fries from In-N-Out are a beautiful thing. My favorite thing about them is how they're cut right there, right in front of you. Nothing beats a freshly-cut-potato-straight-to-the-frier french fry. None of that frozen crap that comes out of a freezer bag.

When I was still eating fast food (many years ago at this point), I'd always thought their burgers were good, too. I probably wouldn't go as far as you do as praising their employees, but I would say that there's simply "something different" about the employees you see there when compared to a typical fast food joint like BK or McDonald's.
to answer the question to the poll.... i cant even choose one...i like mcds....BK...and Wendys when their fries are on point....when they are bad... i dont like any of depends on the batch... i have to eat them all at once to make a decision lol

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