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Ok I'll chime in - my system is old but still serves me well. I listen to it through my main HT system. It's PC based and constist of the following:

Quad Core Extreme processor, 8 GB of ram, 1 TB HDD, 4 TB NAS for a total of 5 TB of hdd space, Windows7 64 bit, NVidia GT430 (outputs to my Onkyo receiver via HDMI). I'm using JRiver as my media center, provides me wiith gapless and bitperfect audio (WASAPI event mode). Audio is set to output at 24bit/192khz. I have this PC mounted in my Winsted rack.

My music files are ripped to .ape and .dsd files. I play my physical BD's directly from JRiver bitstreamed. I'm very satisfied with the results
The Absolute Sound put out an interesting article on Computer based audio a few months ago (gave recommendations for players, burners, converters ect - a very good read).
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