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Yeah I thought it was pretty convincing as well, I think only native Glaswegians will find any issue with it, Julie Walters' accent not quite as good, but passable enough.

I caught the film about two weeks back in a Cineworld Unlimited preview screening and enjoyed it. It's obviously being compared to A Star is Born but this is more a coming of age drama about a woman who has never really grown up and has put herself in a situation where it's entirely selfish to chase her dreams. It's more about the sense of entitlement talent can bring and that success requires hard work rather than an ingenue who already has all the skills and talent and just needs discovering to rise to the top.

Only two issues: It's incredibly formulaic, but the performances are so good and Buckley's talent shines enough that you can easily overlook this, and they kinda depict Glasgow as this insular, cultural black hole where appreciation of country music is as rara as pixie dust. A bit odd when you consider one of the city's most popular musical exports is the country-influenced pop-rock group Texas!

Oh and look out for Stevie the Bookie in a very brief turn as a Prison Guard (Americans probably won't have a clue who I'm talking about!)
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