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Last night I hooked up my Panasonic 9000 UhD player to my friends LGB8

I usually use a pioneer kuro 500m that Iíve adjusted voltages to give me deep blacks

Surprised would be an under statement

LGís video processing is poor which is probably why u never see an LG monitor in a grading suite or post facility

Watching The Apartment an excellent black and white film compressed from memory by David Mackenzie , the right side of the oled screen had a green tint . Total deal breaker for me

MelGibson in the The Patriot UHD - the scene where he chases red coats through a forest after murdering his son , the outlines of his body ďbreak upĒ

I recall a chap in Germany showing how lgís motion processing is garbage compared to top tier oleds - u could see the soccer ball break up and transiently disappear - he has the u tube video posted . Laughable

My next goal is to hook up to a Panasonic GZ2000 and hopefully see an improvement but at this stage I hope my kuro lives a while longer

Itís one thing for LG to win shoot outs based on calibration charts and colour spaces and brightness levels , but now I know what people are on about when the talk about OLED motion , but I wonder if itís largely due to LGís abysmal processing

Maybe one day we will have native refresh rates of 240hz and a different backplane with BFI . If I was forced to buy an oled today it would have to be either Sony or Panasonic , two companies that have at least a 40 year background in broadcast and video post production not from a company that used to make washing machines and bought a patent from Kodak
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