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Originally Posted by slimdude View Post
It wouldn't be wise to buy any used TV without a warranty. Besides the price that you pay for a used TV, you can get a brand new one almost for the same price with a warranty.
Yes, buying anything used you should be careful and do your due diligence. I purchase a great deal of my audio equipment used and as long as you check things out and make sure there are no signs of physical damage or abuse,... I have had zero problems buying used myself.

There was a Panny 60" VT30 on my local classifieds last month for $550 that I should have jumped on. The kind of LED you could buy brand new with warranty today for $550 is utterly horrendous. I haven't seen any $4000-5000 LED's that I prefer to my plasma, so I can only imagine the horror of a $550 LED trying to impress me, lol!
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