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Default Zoom Up: Graduation Photo (Yoshihiro Kawasaki, 1983)

Zmu appu: Sotsugyo shashin

Sleazy look at the lives of people involved in the porno mag industry. Yoko needs some money so she does some nude modelling for a porn mag sold in vending machines. She becomes deeper involved as the acts she does for the camera gets sleazier and sleazier. Unless I missed something, probably did, I was several beers in, I didn't catch where the 'graduation' part of the title fits into the story.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. This looks to be the only film credit for the lead actress, Reiko Nakamura, which is too bad, as she was great in this. The transfer isn't so great though, with some sections looking pretty rough and other sections looking watchable. I'm guessing it's a tape transfer as many of these recent releases has been.

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