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Originally Posted by Takuma View Post
Reiko Nakamura appeared in some other notable films, too. She was the female lead in Koji Wakamatsu's amazing A Pool without Water (1982), Tatsumi Kumashiro's masterpiece Rolling on the Road (1981) and Yoichi Sai's The Mosquito on the Tenth Floor (1983) (which people love, but I just found boring).

She was also in The Second Love (1983) (the DVD art you posted) but I haven't seen in and the DVD cover credits Reiko Ohara as the lead so I'm assuming Nakamura played a supporting role.
Ok, so it is the same actress, I wasn't so sure, since imdb has several actress entries with that name, and the one from those films was different than than the one from Zoom Up. I thought they might be the same, but since I hadn't seen them, couldn't be for sure.
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