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Originally Posted by snowball_iv View Post
Nice idea Suntory_Times!
Do we only get one submission?
I think it would be best if only one picture is submitted, but will allow up to three be submitted per person. Have updated rules.

Originally Posted by kurtis21 View Post
Here's a couple of mine....I'll have to take some new ones



Ooops...I don't know how to make them smaller!
it's a picture thread, so I don't think it really matters, but if you do want make them smaller edit you links so as _full is not in the link, and then provide a link underneath the image with _full included so people can see the photos in there full resolution.

Originally Posted by bhampton View Post
Fors,... That's nice

Kurtis,.. I wouldn't expect anyone to be inclined to cheat. Maybe I'm just too trusting.
Same here, I guess if there is any doubt we could have the person retake the photo standing in front of image. But I think it'll be fairly obvious if someone cheats.

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