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Have updated rules. New rules are in bold and address questions asked thus far in this thread.

Originally Posted by Fors* View Post
I am at work and can't post pics within my post, so I had to link the one I thought was my best (but not up to the standards many others will have posted.) My pic is from a 720p projector too, so please be kind.....
Very nice indeed. You're being modest as your screen shots are very nice.

For anyone interested, the little I know about photography, most digital cameras have a countdown. I suggest placing the camera down (either using a tripod or a flat surface and having it countdown from 10 seconds to remove any shake from your hands and then it take the picture). Turn flash off and I personally just set everything else to automatic (though I'm sure there are many better ways to do this). Take three or photos like this of each separate projected image as they one may not turn out, or they may turn out slightly different. Then select the one you want to keep crop it, saving it as a .png (so as there is no quality loss due to compression), and post up your photo. This works quite well for me, it may not be the best way, but it may help.

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