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Originally Posted by blurayisnice View Post
[Show spoiler]Yes, you do.

I have also bought 2 Thor copies via eBay for 40 GBP a piece. For myself.
I couldn't buy them when they were 12 GBP, because I didn't know they were available (and I was not collecting steelbooks than, started 3 weeks ago).

And I'm still looking for another Thor copy and I'll probably buy another one for 60 GBP. FOR MYSELF.

I don't see how I'm going to make a profit on that one, do you? No, probably not...

F.e. I have also 3 copies of Gran Torino, 2 Chronicle + 1 coming and 2 of J. Edgar (French release).

And I do that only with movies I really like, that are the only ones I have double.

And I have pre-ordered 2 to trade. F.e. against FS exclusives.
Sorry but why do you need 5 copies of Iron Man though? I mean, I can understand maybe buying one to open and another to keep sealed or whatever but 5? Really? Imo, that's greed.
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