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Originally Posted by DJJez View Post
can anyone honestly remember when not 1 but 2 steelbooks have sold out this far before a release date? its 7 weeks till release and both are already sold out. made 4000 of each so IMO the majority of people i reckon are buying anywhere from 3-20 copies. This is NOT even a new film either, thats what takes the piss, its been on blu ray since 2008 lol

i would love for to tell us the average amount of blu rays people ordered for this release
Exactly. I mean, even the Terminator SB still hasn't sold out and they're producing the same amount of them. Like you said, it's all down to people buying an extortionate amount of copies. Imo, there should be a strict limit on how many you can buy cause I bet most of the Iron Man SB's have gone due to people buying for their 'friends'...
[Show spoiler]that dont exist
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