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Originally Posted by chip75 View Post
At the moment the Criterion version is actually cheaper than the Studio Canal release, given the choice (which I don't have as my player is only region B) I'd go with the Criterion, especially if you're going to build a collection of Criterion titles!

I haven't seen the film in years but if you're interested in French New Wave and cinema in general it will be a good investment.

A few more titles:

Thanks again for the input bro. Yes I think Criterion is the way to go and also thanks for putting these new movies. I have "8½" added to my most wanted list for a long time and now my Region A player is on the way so I am going to get it definitely but it will also be a blind buy for me.

Didnt know much about "Le mépris" and "Solaris". Checkin them now

Originally Posted by The Great Owl View Post
In all honesty, all of the James Bond movies suffice for the purposes of this thread.
Sensual female roles? Check
Stylish? Check
Cool cinematography? Check

The Sean Connery Bond films, the Lazenby film, and the Craig films in the franchise for the win, but The Living Daylights is also a keen choice. Well, they're all good for the above.

Not quite as much arthouse credibility, but they're all great movies.
Thanks for the recommendation. My problem is that only a few bond movies appealed me and they are from Sean Connery to Roger Moore era and everything after that I dont like. I still cant digest the fact that "Graig" is playing James Bond!!!
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