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Originally Posted by wesslan View Post
Interesting they dare to do it all over again. The movie was pulled back after a few weeks on the shelf after it hit the news since we were the only? who got it uncut. Pretty sure something similar can happen again.

Sweden is very liberal on moviesex/violence these days BUT there are still limits or maybe even laws? Since we don't have 18 year limit here, only 15 I think this kind of movie is very borderline what should appear on the rental shelf for teens.

I'm against all kind of censorship though so it's nice for the rest of the world to get a english friendly alternative if you really want the movie.

And no I haven't had the stomach to watch it
It wasn't really pulled officially in Sweden as much as certain stores opted to not carry it at all. Basically some guy instigated a mail campaign against the movie and persuaded stores not to stock it. CDON were amongst the webshops who caved in, but you could still find smaller shops carrying it.

I don't know about Finland, but I believe it was officially pulled in Norway. Here in Denmark the uncut version was readily available to buy, and you could even rent it in Blockbuster - at least for a period (they later pulled it because they got too many complains from customers, who had ignored the extra warning labels Blockbuster had put on the cover, and the CEO wanted to shield his employees. I interviewed him about it back then, and it was not a decision he was very proud of. It was the very first time, Blockbuster Denmark had ever opted to not distribute a title. Mind you, in Denmark you could even rent hardcore porn in Blockbuster.)

Anyway, it doesn't look like we will get the re-release in Denmark. The original Danish distributor has since closed shop, and the CEO of the only other company, I could see releasing it here, long ago told me he did not like it and did not want to release it ever.
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