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Originally Posted by crazyBLUE View Post
What about mine !!
I feel handicapped. I have been trying to edit and add information to post #2 of this thread and it won't allow me to save it. Iceman tells me that there is nothing wrong. I have tried this in my other sricky threads and the same thing happens. When I add, subtract, or modify anything in one of my long sticky posts and try to save it, it takes 2-3 minutes and then gives me a Database Error message. I have a feeling that the length of the posts may have something to do with it, but I have tried to delete several paragraphs and the same thing happens.

The only other possibility is that I have completely lost my mind. I have wasted way too much time in the last few days and feel completely frustrated and angry. If this continues for another day, I will quit and banish myself to my HT room instead of wasting my time in front of the computer.

Big Daddy is really pissed.

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