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Thanks BigDaddy, I'll do that from now on.

@BigAl, I'd like to give the Arros a listen if I could find a dealer a bit closer. The Staffs, I have heard to be a bit colored and "boomy" compared to the Arros. I'd like to hear both for myself before putting either of them in my consideration list. I have heard the Rainmakers but wasn't overly impressed. Not sure if they lacked bass but they were definately brighter than I expected them to be cranked up. They had great detail, don't get me wrong but they seemed imbalanced in some way.

@Callas, I will be using these for two channel listening more so than multichannel or HT. They will be setup in our den where the Kuro resides but to be honest, I've been listening to CDs and MP3s in there more during the evenings and all day on Saturdays. It's usually after dark that we'll pop in a bd and enjoy the awesome explosions or gun fights. I would say 70% 2 channel to 30% HT/gaming. The Klipsch's do a fine job with gaming and certain films but when I play music on them, I get annoyed by the shrilling highs of those loaded horns, sometimes to the point where they are unbearable. I'll keep them around for a dedicated gameroom in the future as I doubt I could give them away.

I do like a speaker that can go high but not make my eardrums bleed either. I do like the ribbon tweeters that some of the upper tier Dalis use. Being as the Helicons were the only speaker in the Dali line that I have heard, yeah it kind of spoiled me. I felt the same way as when I heard some Paradigm Signature series for the first time. They were setup in an awesome HT showroom with a 105" FP. Those spoiled me for the home theater experience.

I do alot of window shopping. Those dealers like it, I know they do. I mean what else are they going to do all day? It's not exactly like there's a huge market for quality speakers around here. When they see me pull up in the parking lot, they all start running around like they are too busy to help me. One of these days they are going to be suprised when I whip out a big 'ol money knot like a true RockinRolla! haha.... actually more like a damn credit card like every other Joe Blow. lol

I have WAF to consider as well. She loved the Totem Rainmakers (I didn't)and she liked the SongTowers by Salk (probably due to the custom finishes he offers). I'm not sure she's digging these Ikons. She said they're okay but she liked the wood finish of the others. I've already started laying the foundation down for the wife as far as budget is concerned. First off I told her that the sub needed replacing so I could move the one in the den to our bedroom so we could have surround sound in here during these cold winter nights, whereas the den stays cool. She approved the SVS PC12 for the den. That will be sometime late January, after the damage from x-mas subsides. Then by Spring, I'll be done broke her down on the floorstanders (whichever I decide by then). I'm always looking ahead. I like sleeping in a nice warm bed instead of outside with the bulldogs.
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