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Originally Posted by thecardman23 View Post
Received my first order from Second Spin and VERY pleased. Havn't opened all the flicks yet, but the ones I did were mint. Will be ordering from them again.

P.S - They have a new sale B1G1 50% off with promo code MAYBOFIFTY
Received mine a couple of days ago. Box was a little beat up but not bad at all. No duty which was nice. Very happy as well with the price. I was nervous at first when I put the first disc in and it was skipping but it was just the previews. So far so good. Already on Season 4 so hopefully it keeps up.

Will definitely order from again. Only one easy sticker to remove as well. Can't beat $8.50 a season on blu for a series that is $199-$299 on the big retailers right now in Canada.
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