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Default Custom Cover Art Thread


Several artists have decided to hand out each custom individually due to some people reposting art elsewhere and receiving credit for it. Please PM the individual artist if the file link is missing and patiently await a response, a thread post announcing the PM is not necessary but may be helpful.

Original Archived Thread

The old thread has evolved over time, originally it was a 'what would you like to see on blu' thread and people posted potential blu-ray releases with cover art on fake blu-ray cases. Slowly the thread matured and was merged with others (I believe) to create what is now a place to post legitimate custom covers that can be used to replace the cover that comes with your blu-ray purchase. The thread is quite long so bear with me as I go through it all and organize it. Some of the earlier posters may not have full fledged replacement covers, please feel free to ask in this thread (the person may still be around and checking in on this thread) or PM the user associated with the desired case cover. Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused during the organizational process of this list but it is a large task and will take some time.

I have split the list into two portions. The first list is a list of custom replacement covers, containing the user associated with the creation as well as a link to where the custom cover is posted about and a link to where the full cover is stored. If no external link is provided the cover may not be finished yet or it may not have been posted, try posting in the thread and asking the associated user. The second is a list of mock/custom blu-ray cases and covers. The original intention of the original thread was to create custom blu-ray cases for potential releases, these usually only have the front of the cover displayed. Although not useful directly as replacement covers, they can be used as a stepping stone towards a custom cover allowing the requester to accurately define what kind of custom cover he or she is looking for.

Thank you for your patience with this long process of creating these lists.

Compendium of Custom Replacement Covers
Titles #-G
Titles H-O
Titles P-S
Titles T-Z

If you download or find something you like, don't forget to thank the user who provided your new replacement cover--either privately or in this thread.

Lists Update Progress
Archived Thread - Through page 30
Current Thread - Through page 30

I have fallen far behind in keeping the list up to date, I will try more updates soon enough but here are some tips for searching the thread before you post a request. If you find something you like, don't forget to thank the artist.

Tips for searching
  • Use the Search this Thread feature to search this thread exclusively, found next to thread tools under the page jump navigation links.
  • Everything spelled correctly?
  • Select show posts (not threads), this makes it easier to sort through the ones talking about the customs and the actual custom cover art posts.
  • If the search screws up and shows nothing, try a different wording or maybe more terms; in my experience to broad of results will end up being invalid searches

Other Stuff Related to Custom Cover Art
Custom Cover Studio Templates
List Formatting (for anyone who wishes to be helpful) - 2 options
External Link Provided:
HTML Code:
[I]TITLE OF MOVIE[/I] - [url="http://MEMBER PAGE URL HERE"]MEMBER NAME[/URL] - [url="http://EXTERNAL LOCATION URL"]External Location[/URL] - [url="http://INDIVIDUAL FORUM POST URL"]Official Custom... Post #17[/URL]
Request a PM for Cover:
HTML Code:
[I]TITLE OF MOVIE[/I] - [url="http://MEMBER PAGE URL HERE"]MEMBER NAME[/URL] - PM for Cover - [url="http://INDIVIDUAL FORUM POST URL"]Official Custom... Post #17[/URL]
If you wish to either post the code for your listing or help update the list please wrap your code in thread HTML tags by highlighting it all and then clicking the '<>' button under advanced editing mode. This will stop the forum from auto-formatting your post and allow me to copy and paste it into the list. All you have to do is replace the movie name, URLs, member name and post number.

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