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Originally Posted by TheZoof View Post
I am finally in the process of upgrading my home theater.

For the longest time I had Paradigm Prestige 85F as my choice. I did a listen in and loved them. For the price around here(Canada) they are hard to beat.

I had a day to kill last week and went into an audio store I don't normally visit. They had some B&W setup(I am at work but don't recall the name). Price was comparable and they sounded so impressive.

I am thinking I should do a listen for comparable speakers. Does anyone have a list of comparable speakers to the Paradigm Prestige 85F that I should consider?

I am basically looking to spend about $6500 max for my front speakers(front 3).
I don't have a list, but have you checked out PSB? I see you have them, have you considered a step up?
Those T3's look fn awesome. But maybe the T2's are within your budget?

Myself, I want those 85F's and a 55C badly. I'm aiming for springtime to have those beauties.
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