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Reposting the Oppo 203 and LG 3D OLED Component Combination 3D Tweak for the benefit of those who have lost the latest data and asked for it.

LG OLED E6P Tweak 2.0 (Must be set while display is in native-3D Mode.)
3D MODE = choose (Manual) Value controls appear.
3D Depth = (20)
3D Viewpoint = (-10)
3D Mode = choose (*Auto) before exiting. Value controls vanish.
Exit Settings.

*Why select Auto Mode before exiting?
"Auto Mode” defaults “3D Depth” and “3D Viewpoint”, normalizing z-plane point structure placement.
Visual depth-cue quality will remain maximized as long as the (20) & (-10), set in "Manual Mode" are not changed when "Auto Mode" is selected before exiting the settings menu.

Oppo 203 SETUP MENU:
3D Setting:
3D Output = (Forced)
2D- > 3D Depth = (16).
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