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Originally Posted by Paul H View Post
I always set my Oppo's to the actual tv size too, thinking that accuracy would be best.
I have been playing The Polar Express 3D repeatedly lately, studying a reported conversion issue from the TPE3D thread.
My 3D memory being fresh, was amazed at the sudden expansion of the Z-plane when maximizing the 3D TV Size to 999, and also finding that this didn't change 1 pixel of the 2 dimensional area (height or width); only the visible placement structure of the 3D.

Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark 3D disc shows the 3D positive and negative-plane point structure values are placed in perfect symmetry via 999.
This was never the case when 3D TV Size was set to 65 inches. Always thought the distant irregularity of a couple points were because of the limitations of the LG 3D display.
Now I find this not to be the case.
The 3D TV Size set to 999 makes use of the complete 3D z-plane landscape.

It now makes sense giving me a reason why I always thought the 3D looked stronger when my 3D Blu-ray discs were played on my Samsung unit. The Samsung 3D player doesn't have a 3D TV Size setting.

Oppo owners short-changed themselves all these years?
Just out of curiosity were the + and - point structures in line when the TV was set to +20 and -5 when set back to auto? This was 2 tweaks back I believe.
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