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Default Disney Classics Screenshot Comparisons

Hello everyone!

Being interested mainly in the Picture Quality of Disney Classics on Blu-ray, I'm a big fan of Screenshot Comparisons between the new BD-releases and any possible older versions available, be it on DVD, LD or VHS.

The first big comparisons I saw here are from our well known member Lnds500!... He has made a very comprehensive one of "The Aristocats" and a smaller one of "101 Dalmatians". Any others that I missed?... You're invited to post those again over here, if you want to.

Other comparisons of Disney Classics are very welcome too of course. "The Rescuers", "The Rescuers Down Under" and "Cinderella" come to mind, to begin with.

To start this thread, I decided to make a comparison for "Cinderella" between my old VHS from 1997 and the current 2012 BD. I can tell you up front, the result is shocking, seeing that in many cases the "ancient" VHS shows more detail, more contrast and more natural colors than the BD. As a fan, considering Cinderella as one of Disney's finest treasures, it really breaks my heart seeing this:

[Show spoiler]

(Warning: this is a BIG picture (2 MB)!...)

Other similar comparisons were made before, between the LD from 1997 and the DVD from 2005 which, I'm afraid, has the exact same, bad restoration, including all the errors, as our "new" BD:

CINDERELLA DVD - digital restoration gone too far?
How Cinderella's 2005 Release was Restored Very Wrong

I'm interested in all of your thoughts of course, and... Disney's thoughts if possible!...


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