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I'm not sure when this happened (that is, after which update, if that is the issue) since I don't use the XB1 very often but I've noticed the last few times I've used the XB1 that I seem to be having a UI issue. Basically, if I do anything that accesses the hard drive, like installing media apps or whatever, the UI seems to freeze for a while during the process. The XB1 isn't locked though since I can hold down the button to turn the console or controller off and that dialog box will appear. That's about the only thing I can do though. Typically what happens is that I'm pushing buttons, moving the d-pad or sticks trying to make something happen and eventually the UI will become unfrozen. Then, all the stuff I had been doing on the controller is apparently in a queue because once control is regained, I have to sit there and watch everything I was doing while it was frozen get executed. So, I see it moving around the UI and almost every time end up launching some app/game that I didn't intend to. This is extremely annoying and happens even if I'm just installing some small app.

So basically, I just want to know, is this the way it works now (it didn't use to be this way though) or could it be a hard drive issue? My disc is around 77% full. I'm thinking it might be best to just wipe the system clean and start over to see if that fixes the issue but that leads to another question. Can I attach an external drive and copy all the games/apps to it? I know on the PS4 this isn't supported but I thought I had read that you could do this on the XB1. I just don't want to have to download and install everything again, especially since I have cap to deal with.

Edit: Sorry, I just noticed that I had already posted this earlier and it's even on the same page. Sorry about that.

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