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Originally Posted by Stormyyy View Post
Hi everyone,

I was just curious if others are having issues with their Xbox One skipping sometimes while watching a movie. I have only watched probably 10 blu-rays on my Xbox One and it has skipped in a few parts during 4 movies. It is also important to note that these movies were brand new so I know it is the player skipping and not the disc. For instance, during Million Dollar Arm, it skipped during several scenes alone.

Please let me know.

Originally Posted by Wingman1977 View Post
You might want to use a lens cleaner. Use this (I currently own and use this):

It doesn't use brushes so the lens won't get scratched. It uses wind funnel technology (there's a hole in the disc so it sucks out the dust).
I've only used my Xbox One maybe a total of 10-15 times so there is no way I would need to clean the inside of it yet.

Anyone else?
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