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Default The Official Klipsch Speakers Thread

Please discuss your Klipsch speakers in this thread. You can include pictures, reviews, or any other comments regarding your speakers.

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For all of you that bought Klipsch speakers, especially large ones, - have any of you demo'd the Heritage series at all??!!! Most Klipsch fans will take the Heritages over anything except Palladiums and most that would buy those would also demo them against the K-Horns! I'm wondering how much do the Klipsch owners around here know about the Legacy of Klipsch speakers.

I don't think they are the end all in sound but what they do they do well (well enough for me to let them back into my system - now that I have a system that will complement them properly). Back to the question. I see a lot of RF-82/83's and such - have you tried the Heresys or Cornwalls? I know what the spec's say - but specs aren't everything. Chime in Klipsch owners - have you tried the traditional Klipsch at all or just the commercial offerings?

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