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I think all you fellas are definitely scaring away the Klipsch R-series owners who are asking themselves "What the heck are the heritage line? Better than my towers? NEVER! Must stay away from this thread before I get brought down a few notches."

But in all honesty, in my own personal opinion, I have not looked at their other offerings - back when, I was interested in their reference line based on this forum, that is - until I heard them - err. Then again, this is just JJ's OPINION and may VARY from yours.
Hey JJ !!!! Was it the Heritage line you listened to or the Reference series? I may keep these for HT, especially because of their height. Looking at ML,B&W or Audio Note for a 2 channel (it was just ML until I heard and read a few things - Audio Note is the front runner because I'm almost there. ML is the dream speaker {Ive been facinated since the Monoliths} and B&W are next).
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