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Originally Posted by prerich View Post
700's are very possible Just wanted to know how the 68x series sounds from people who have had the ability to hear them ! The setup is "devious" as it stands. Played Iron Man and the loud dynamics shook every room in the house and knocked a mirror off my son's wall....3 rooms back Oh yeah, this thing can definately push it - but it also plays my kind of music very well also (lots of soft details and acoustic instruments)! If I'm alive - I will be posting new pics of each system and let you guys know of the outcome of my other system! If I go with the ML's I will definately need some more amps!!!! If I go Audio Note - 98db sensetivity, but they are picky. And B&W - seems like Rotel could be in my future in 2009 "Lord willing" I'm definately having all out fun with these Heresys though!!!
I drool to afford Rotel's new 2008 offerings - perhaps if early 2009 is very good to me. I know Scoobs has already put a down on one of the Rotel preamp units, going to have to hit him up for his views when he matches them with his own 683s...

Of course I'm going to, hmm, shall I say - 'toot my own horn' (heaven forbid you do that with Klipsch Reference series, the pun jokes just write themselves) - with my B&Ws, but - I cry a little inside every time I listen to them, all I've known prior to them where HTiBs. For the same reason I never listened to the Logans, I also avoided listening to the 700s - like test-driving a car you can't have! Definitely do need pictures of that Heritage set-up though, I'm gauging their size very poorly, I think - and their power!
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