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Originally Posted by ldgibson76 View Post
Conventional thinking would suggest connecting the 983 and cable box directly to the 7703. The 7703 has a newer processing chip (2.0 HDMI), not to mention that it would be a more efficient configuration. However, the DVDO Edge is a very nice device and it has the Anchor Bay processor but it's 1.3 HDMI. Are you currently connecting the Edge straight to the TV or did you have the Edge routed thru your Processor?

I had a similar configuration where I routed all of my devices thru my DVDO Quick 6 Matrix switcher. I recently acquired a Marantz AV7702 MkII. I no longer use the DVDO switcher. The 7702 MKII accommodates all of my devices and it's a much more efficient config.

Personally, I would try it both ways and see which one provides the better result.
Thanks for the reply and info. Right now I have my 983 connected directly to my processor and only my cable box and Roku 3 running through the Edge then to the processor. I like your idea of just running it all through the Marantz for that more efficient config. It would be much simpler since I am going 4K and am adding the Oppo 203, a Roku Ultra and getting ready to pick up an LG 77 G7P and wondered about how well the Marantz handled 1080p sources. Figured I'd ask opinions first before jumping into a bunch of tests since I may not notice subtles differences in PQ. Like you maybe I will “retire” or sell the Edge or move it to my living room setup. Thanks for your help.
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